It would be great if I could make this site the best place for Apple info on the web... but it isn't anywhere close right now. So to highlight places I go for info I've put together this links page.

Apple Computer
This has to be the very first place to go when looking further into Apple products. Some of the important areas within Apple's site:
Apple's home page
Mac OS X home page
Apple's support page
Apple's downloads page
Quicktime home page
The Apple Store

Stone Design
My favorite Mac developer is Andrew Stone. Not a day goes by that I'm not using some aspect of his software on my Mac OS X, Rhapsody or OPENSTEP systems. Some of the important areas within Stone's site:
Stone Design home page
Stone Design downloads page
Stone Design users forum

Also links to Stone Studio applications:
Slice And Dice
Photo To Web
Time Equals Money
Pack Up & Go

And links for downloading older versions of Stone Design applications:
Create 5.1 (Read Me) for Rhapsody
Create 5.2 (Read Me) for Rhapsody (PowerPC)
Stone Super Seven for Rhapsody (PowerPC)
Stone Super Seven for Mac OS X DP4
Pack Up & Go (Read Me) for Rhapsody
GIF Fun (Read Me) for Rhapsody
Web Tools (Read Me) for Rhapsody

Caffeine Software
Caffeine is no more. The developers have moved on to newer and better things, but their apps shine on. Even though Caffeine shut it's doors before the release of Mac OS X v10.3, the version available now has been updated for it. You can purchase TIFFany at the Stone Design online store here. The home/downloads page is
here, actual Apps (56 MB) for Mac OS X are here.

Additional downloads for earlier versions:
TIFFany3 (Read Me Tutorials) for Rhapsody (Intel and PowerPC)
PixelNhance (Read Me) for Rhapsody (PowerPC only)

The Omni Group
The Omni Group is another of these long time Mac OS X developers who has yet to see the attention that they deserve for their products. Their home page is
here and you can find their product pages here:

Older versions of Omni Group applications can be downloaded from here:
OmniWeb 3.0 for Rhapsody (Intel and PowerPC)
OmniWeb 3.1 for Rhapsody (PowerPC only)
OmniPDF 3.0 (Intel and PowerPC)
OmniFrameworks for Rhapsody (Intel and PowerPC)
OmniFrameworks (PowerPC only)
Quake II for Rhapsody (PowerPC only)

Scott Anguish and Stepwise
While not quite as busy as it was back before Mac OS X was released, it is still one of the best places for information. Some important links:
Stepwise home page
Cocoa Starting Point

Software developed by Scott Anguish can be downloaded here:
OpenUp 3.2 for Mac OS X
OpenUp 2.2.1 (Read Me and Source) for Rhapsody (PowerPC only)
OpenUp 1.0.1 (Read Me and Source) for Rhapsody (Intel and PowerPC)
ColdCompress 1.2 for Mac OS X
Solitaire (Read Me) for Rhapsody (early Intel version and Read Me)

These guys have been making the best FTP client for years. It is a must for anyone who uses Mac OS X, Rhapsody or NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP. You can find their product pages here:
RBrowers for Mac OS X
RBrowser Lite for Mac OS X

Karelia Software
The maker of Watson, an application way ahead of it's time. Sadly (like animal that eat their young) Apple reworked Sherlock into a poor, under support knock off of Watson and bundled it with Mac OS X starting with v10.2. Apple missed the point of Watson though. Watson is a web services development platform. That is to say, Watson is the foundation for the web tools that other people could make.

Sun Microsystems bought Watson, but has yet to release the reworked version (which is supposed to work on Macs, Linux, Solaris and sadly Windows). You can download a copy of the last version here and the Karelia blog has the activation information for those who still want to use it (it is free and therefore unsupported). The Watson home page is here

Services for Cocoa applications in Mac OS X:
OmniDictionary (Omni Group)

Nisus Thesaurus (Nisus)

FontSight (Stone Design)

WordService (Devon Technologies)

TextExtras (by Mike Ferris)

Stone Design's Create®
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