This is by far the best version of Rhapsody. It is, sadly, also the last version of Rhapsody Apple put out. My PowerBook G3 was bought specifically to run Rhapsody 5.6. I was ready to move up to a better system from my ThinkPad (which was a little slow and had no sound, no built-in networking, and a small 12.1" display). Also, Rhapsody for PowerPC had a ton more apps to work with (including Quake II). Once set up, I was in Rhapsody heaven!

I had always thought about moving to Mac OS X, but every time I worked in it on my iMac (G3/350) it seemed a little slow and not that stable. In August of 2002, the day of the release of Mac OS X v10.2, I (and another consultant friend) pulled my hard drive out of my PowerBook and placed my backup drive in to practice installing the new OS. We didn't do anything special, but we did install the OS 5 times starting with different configurations to see how it ran. To my surprise it ran great! Even on my PowerBook (G3/266). Not being sure what to make of this, I put the system to a test for two weeks without shutting it down for any reason. If I restarted at any point, out would go that drive and back in would come the Rhapsody drive. After three weeks (and being used by a number of different people) I was convinced. The uptime when I shut it down was at 21+ days. I put my old drive back in, backed up all my work, formatted the drive for Mac OS X and have been using v10.2 ever since.

So that I could continue using Rhapsody 5.6 I got a Power Macintosh 7500. I placed a PowerPC 604e/225 processor card card in it and 256k of L2 cache. I upgrade the RAM to 512 MB and the VRAM to 4 MB (max for the on board video), and installed a 9 GB hard drive.

This system may not be as fast as my PowerBook was at running Rhapsody, but it does a great job none the less. All my applications run nicely and even Quake II plays well.

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