Even the best OS in the world (like Rhapsody) is really only as good as the applications you can run on it. Here is a list of some of the apps that have helped make Rhapsody a daily, productive, OS for me over the last few years.

AppleMenuOptions: This was developed after Rhapsody 5.1 (Rhapsody Developer Released 2) was released and was included in Rhapsody 5.3 and later (Mac OS X Server 1.0 and later). It lets you configure the Apple menu in almost any way you like (mine is very much like my Mac OS 9 Apple menu actually). Apple released a version for both Intel and PowerPC versions of Rhapsody 5.1

Calculator: Doesn't come with the OS, but you can find it at Peanuts, and use ProjectBuilder to compile it. It is not that different from the Calculator of the Mac OS.

Create 5 and the Stone Design Suite: Andrew Stones collection of apps that do a ton of cool things. Create can be used for doing page layout, drawing and generating web pages.

Fiend: Apple dropped the dock after Rhapsody 5.0 (Rhapsody Developer Release, so Fiend jumped in and gave it back, works very much like the old NeXT dock, specially if you set the Workspace Manager's preferences so that minimumizing windows sends them to icon at the botton of the desktop.

Mesa3: Nice speadsheet program (if you need a spreadsheet app)

OmniPDF: This is a very beta version that was not stable for me (it would crash almost anytime I opened a pdf doc).

OmniWeb: Full version of OmniWeb 3 (thanks Omni for making one for Rhapsody for Intel) that works great. There is a pre-release (which turned out to be the final release) of OmniWeb 3.1 for Rhapsody 5.3 - 5.6 (Mac OS X Server 1.0 - 1.2).

RBrowser: This is a great FTP client ported from the NeXT platform and is now being used by many people (including me) in Mac OS X. The version for Rhapsody 5.3 and later is still out there for download, but the version for Rhapsody 5.1 (PowerPC and Intel) is very hard to find and the license has expired on it. The people at RBrowser might be able to help if it is something that you must have.

PDFView: This is how I actually view all my pdf docs in Rhapsody, it can read just about anything that Acrobat Reader 3.0 can read.

TextEdit: This is the app that most Mac user dismiss as just SimpleText for Mac OS X when it is actually a feature rich word processor (that allows you to add images and spell check).

MailViewer: Basicly the same as Mail.app from NeXT, and functions like Mail in Mac OS X

TIFFany3: Image Editor, almost in the same league as Photoshop, but takes some time to get use to.

PixelNhance: PixelNhance is a like image editor that provides most of the color management tools that you would find in larger programs like Photoshop or TIFFany.

WriteUp: This is as complete a word processor as any I've ever seen, same league as Word and WordPerfect.

PasteUp: About on par with PageMaker 5.0, but still a very feature rich page layout program.

Stickies: You guessed it, Apple's port of their Stickies program.

TinyInstaller: Rhapsody does not come with an installer app (Apple dropped the NeXt version and wouldn't replace it until the release of Mac OS X Server 1.0), so you have to use the command line installer.sh which can be a pain. This little app adds a GUI to that command.

Chess: Same as both the Mac OS X and NeXT versions (how could they improve on perfection).

QuickTimePlayer: Nice QuickTime 3 application, if you have the full version on some other system you can convert even the latest Star Wars trailers so you can watch them in Rhapsody.

RhapsoDoom: If you have the full version of Doom or Doom II, you can get them up and running in Rhapsody (this is a beta version, and not totally stable, but still playable).

Quake II: This port of Quake II is great. The version for Rhapsody 5.1 (RDR2) is a little unstable, but the later version for Rhapsody 5.3 and later is just about perfect. I've even joined in on networked games with other Macs running the Mac OS 9 version.

Hextris: Tetris type app, fun to kill time with.

Risk: Beta version of the game Risk.

Solitaire: Scott Anguish's version of the greatest time killer of all time.

Balling: Another great time killing game.

I think that covers most of the stuff that I use that I consider of mildly important. They range from freeware to semi-expensive (TIFFany is about $500, WriteUp in in the $300 range, and Create was about $200 that last time I checked). All and all, these apps make Rhapsody a very livable computing environment.

I currently have a collection of some 300+ fonts, many of which can still be found online, installing them has something of a trick to it (you have to use the terminal.app if that gives you any idea what is involed).