Professional Image Processing
of a New Kind

Some of the TIFFany II Users:
NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Warner Brothers Feature Animation Studios
US Navy

TIFFany II incorporates a unique set of tools for image manipulation in a multi-threaded environment. You can select from over 40 actions, including linear filters, geometry, morphology, halftoning, turbulence, motion, contrast, brightness correction, retouching, color correction, masking and much more to create award winning images. Or, if TIFFany II still does not meet your business needs, extend the functionality of the application by developing your own specialized tools, filters or actions with TIFFany II's Developer API. For some businesses, quality professional images gain the competitive advantage. Don't settle for boring or dull images of low quality that may weaken the message you wish to portray. Enhance the images for your company's brochures, signs, manuals and ads with TIFFany II.

General Features

• Intuitive user interface.
• Work with as many image documents you wish to.
• Multi-level undo/redo buffer support. Using a special, memory-saving algorithm that stores only differences between undo levels.
• Multithreaded. TIFFany's internal process queue allows you to continue to work while the application is applying effects. It allows the user to monitor the progress of running actions or filters with pause and stop capabilities. Low priority background tasks which are running only when the user is idle.
• TIFFany's new Action Manager allows you to bundle effects and filters in a File Viewer style browser. Place commonly used effects and filters on the Action Manager's shelf for quick retrieval. Browse bundled filters and effects through the browsers hierarchy.
• Pressure sensitive tablet support.
• Loading and saving of images, animations, selections and transformations - all in the background.
• Multi-user floating license manager support for installation on departmental servers.

Documents and Image File Support

• Load TIFF, JPG, GIF and EPS images. Additional image formats may be loaded using Third-Party Solutions supporting NEXTSTEP filter services.
• WWW image map creation tools.
• Zoom range from 12.5% up to 3200%
• Correct displaying of images other than 72 dpi.
• Cloning of images. View a 100% size clone of your working image, while working on it in a zoomed state.
• Use rulers in inches, cm, points, picas and pixels.

Artistic Tools

• Arbitrary shaped pens with smooth or sharp edges. Any image can be used as brush.
• Flood fill with configurable hue and brightness tolerances.
• Airbrush in any shape and size, with user definable density and fade area.
• Any filter can be used manually, even with airbrush and fill.
• Cloning with pen, airbrush and fill.
• Partial undo with pen or airbrush.

Image Handling Tools

• Resizing of images with six interpolation methods and four antialiasing methods.
• Image cropping.
• Setting of your images' dpi and compression type.
• Choose from any of the 15 different halftoning algorithms. Output your images to 1, 2 or 4 bit Grayscale, RGB or CMYK colorspace with or without alpha.
• Fast mirroring and rotation in 90 degree steps; any other angle with antialiased edges.

Flexible Selections

• Rectangle and ellipse selection.
• Bezier path selection.
• Freehand and magic wand that automatically turns into a Bézier path for further editing.
• Any bitmap can be used as a mask.
• Text in any font, size and orientation can be used as selection.
• Any selection can affect the surrounded area or just the outline.
• Cut/Copy of any shaped selection.
• Paste into any selection, optionally with automatic scaling.


• Choose from any of the 16 different compositing methods. Use these methods with any filter.
• Set the intensity of any filter.
• Protect the replacement of specific color ranges with the Color Shield Mask Action.
• Use the unique mask action to fade effects from top to bottom or any other way. Mask action can be as complicated as a mathematic formula.
• Affine mapping for rotation, scaling and shear.
• Arbitrary color blends.
• Controled color replacement using a one-to-one substitution algorithm or by replacing ranges on the color wheel.
• Perform image distortion with a user defined formula.
• Color correction with arbitrary correction curves or gamma correction. Automatic calculation of gamma values
• Noise reduction filters for removing speckles, and a specialized filter for dithered images.
• Histogram operations like equalization and cut-off.
• Hue and Saturation shift.
• Lighting filter for relief / emboss effects.
• Mandelbrot and Julia set generators.
• Morphological image processing: Erosion, dilation and gradient operators with ten different kernels in any size.
• Perspective module for adding a third dimension to your image.
• Sharp filter.
• Pseudo coloring of images.
• Various effects like Corona, Sketch, Mosaic, Oil-Painting etc.
• Arbitrary image warping. Just drag some arrows into the image and it gets bent accordingly.


• Configure a filter with your own parameters and give it a new name.
• Define processes, consisting of several filters applied in succession.
• Automatic queuing of a filter when the previous one hasn't finished yet.
• The window manager allows to apply filter to several images simultaneously.
• Automatic scripting for large batch jobs.

Image Database

• Organizes the filing of your images in several folders.
• Allows copying of images directly out of the database window.
• Statistical information including: size, image depth, compression type and number of colors.
• View images quickly through an image thumbnail.
• Images sorted by name, size, modification time or path.


• Animation creation with user definable number of frames per second.
• Almost any operation can be applied to an animation instead of an image.
• Cut/Copy/Paste of animations and selected frames.
• Any filter can operate on an animation, some even have special time-dependant behavior, e.g. waves running through an animation, etc.
• User definable intensity curve over time, for animation fade in and/or out.


• API for programming your own filters.
• Begin building your TIFFany extensions and source code skeletons with the T2Builder.