The Omni Group are very well known makers of software for NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, Rhapsody and Mac OS X. They are a consulting firm that helps other developers with porting their applications to these platforms (with some of their more notable successes being games).

I personally feel that no NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, Rhapsody or even Mac OS X system is complete with out some of the Omni Group's contributions.

OmniWeb is a full featured World Wide Web navigator. The last version of NEXTSTEP was 2.5 (or you can use the beta version 2.7b) and the last version for OPENSTEP was 3.1.

OmniPDF gives NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP users easy access to Adobe's Acrobat PDF format. The NEXTSTEP version should have no problems opening PDF 1.2 (Acrobat 3) formatted documents and the OPENSTEP version should be able to handle PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4) and some 1.4 (Acrobat 5) formatted documents.

Unlike the Mac OS X version of Preview, the NeXT version isn't a general image format viewer (in other words, it can't handle images in the very common JPEG format). Fortunately, the Omni Group gave us OmniImage for those tasks.

Omni Frameworks
For the OPENSTEP applications, you'll also need to install the latest version of the Omni Framework.

Doom II
Everyone needs to take their mind off their work every once in a while, and the Doom series of first person shootters are great for that. This port of the game works with the Doom, Ultimate Doom and Doom II wads from either DOS or Mac versions of the game.

To install the wad file, make share that the file name is all lowercase (like
doom.wad) and is placed inside the in the upper most level (like The game should then see it and run normally.

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